Po naszemu Prypeć. Przypuszczalnie największe, a napewno najbardziej znane opuszczone miasto na świecie, chociaż tego tak na dobrą sprawę nie widać. Wszędzie las – tylko najbliższy budynek od czasu do czasu się pokaże między drzewami. Szerokie ulice zmieniły się z czasem w ciasne dróżki. Przewodnik powiedział, że kiedyś autobusami jeździli na wycieczki. Teraz, tylko busiki. Matka natura odbiera co jej, żadnymi wypadkami i skażeniami się nie przejmuje.

W Prypeci było wszystko – szkoły, szpital, więzienie, centrum kultury, basen, wesołe miasteczko, elektrownia atomowa, co by tylko sobie człowiek zażyczył. Zbudowane jako pokazowe miasto i w sumie wciąż takim jest, tylko z innych przyczyn niż początkowo zakładano.

A w budynkach? Klimat jest, co tu wiele gadać. Szkoda tylko, że wszystko tak zniszczone. Po rozpadzie ZSRR nikt tego nie pilnował to złomiarze i wandale wzięli się do roboty. Chociaż z drugiej strony, gdzie indziej znajdziecie pianino w szybie windy?

Ze względu na ilość zdjęć zrobię kilka postów, wkrótce się ukażą.

In English – Pripyat. Probably the biggest and definitely the most famous ghost town in the world. Although you cannot really see it when you are there – forest all around you. Only now and again some building shows between the trees. Wide roads changed into narrow, single lanes. The guide said they used to go there by coach, now only small vans fit. Mother nature takes back what’s hers and does not care about accidents, radiation or what have you.

In Pripyat there is everything – schools, hospital, prison, cultural centre, swimming pool, amusement park, nuclear power station, whatever one might wish. It was a showcase and well, it still is, just for different reasons then those originally assumed.

And inside the buildings? Well, what to say, very eerie. It is a pity though things got so destroyed. After USSR fell apart no one was minding the place, so scrap collectors and vandals made themselves busy. On the other hand, where else can you find a piano inside a lift shaft?

I took a lot of pictures, so there will be more posts, coming soon.


5 responses to “При́п’ять

  1. Awesome post with some really good pictures that show us what Pripyat has turned after the disaster. I have been quite interested in discovering this place, however, I will wait for the Spring. As for information regarding the best way to get there, and tour prices?

    Kiev isn’t very far away, so I suppose getting on a plane to Kiev and then do I have to go by train, car? or the tour operators responsible for Pripyat will also drive us from and to Kiev ?

    As for accommodation, is there any nearby hotel/hostel or are all the tours one-day tours?

    Best regards and keep up the awesome blog. I’m following.

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    • Obrigado for your feedback, I am happy you like my post. It is good to see they are getting somewhere 🙂 As for the trip itself, we went from Kiev, as this is where the tours are organised from (mainly, I suppose). Anyway, it is just an hour and a half ride and this city is amazing. I have not been to Sofia but I can safely assume that you will like Kiev as well. Give yourself a couple of days there once you are at it.
      As for prices, well, they are high. The area is closed and you can go there only with a specialised guide, who has to prepare some permits for you beforehand etc. No one else can take you there so they charge for the privilege (whichever company). If you take a two or more day trip they will organise accommodation within the zone for you. They call it a hotel 😉
      We went with ukrainianweb.com and were happy with them.

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