This it what happens when there is a large airport not far away. Especially if there is a road passing just next to the runway 🙂



Wyczaiłem ostatnio miejscówkę z której coroczne fajerwerki można podglądać. Postanowiłem więc wziąć na spacer tele obiektyw i coś pokombinować. Okazało się, że obiektyw był zbyt tele i nie mogłem całego widowiska objąć. Trzeba było więc zająć się szczegółami.

I recently found a spot where one can have a peak at annual fireworks show. So I decided to take the tele lens a try it out a bit. It appeared the lens was too tele and I couldn’t see whole show. So I had to concentrate on details instead.



They are not easy to catch. It is in their nature, that they tend to fly away… but here is a few that were kind enough to pose for me.

Enjoy 🙂


Donald Duck

I suppose some soldiers used to have (or still have?) this habit of naming killing machines or devices some sweet, innocent names. This here is a WW2 Mustang which you can find in Royar Airforce Museum in London.


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