Wszyscy mają selfie – mam i ja! Nie wiedziałem, że tyle z tym roboty, że selfie wymagają tyle cierpliwości (albo naprawdę dobrego sprzętu 😉 )

With increasing popularity of selfies I decided I want one as well! I did not realise that they are so difficult to take, that they require so much patience (or really good gear 😉 )




I met this fellow in a forest in Corsica. He didn’t seem interested in me or my camera. He was really into this nice warm stone though.

Zdrowaśki, Długas

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It was not so difficult to catch them as they were all confined in closed space of certain exhibition. But next time, I will get them in nature (like when they sit on my lens, last picture).

Zdrowaśki, Długas

IMG_0688_1dl IMG_0712_1dl IMG_0747_1dlOi! Get off!