Most kolejowy / Railway bridge

Coś dla Ziomków ze Skarszew 🙂

Dawno mnie tam nie było i muszę przyznać, że trochę się zestarzał nasz stary, poczciwy, kolejowy most. Ale co niektóre podpisy się zachowały! W każdym razie z pewnością pod żadnym pociągiem się żaden z tych mostów już nie zawali 🙂

Najpierw w kolorze.

This is a bridge (actually two bridges) in my hometown, a mile from my home. We used to go and play there, both as kids and as teenagers. It was quite cool sitting on the structure underneath while the train crossed. Well, last time anyone could do that was, hmm, let me check (…) somewhere at the end of 2001 as from the 1st of January 2002 the line was officially closed for cargo trains. Last passenger train left Skarszewy on the 31st of March 2000. As you can see the tracks were taken away and no one cares about the bridges anymore. At least old tags are still there…

First in colour.



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