Phone booth

Pamiętacie czasy, gdy nie było jeszcze telefonów komórkowych? I te momenty, kiedy trzeba było zadzwonić, ale…

Do you remember the times without mobile phones? And those moments when you had to make a call, but…


Southwark Bridge

Jeden z mniej znanych, a moich ulubionych londyńskich mostów. Pewnie dlatego, że nie ma na nim takiego ogromnego ruchu i zdaje się być względnie spokojny. Fajny z niego widoczek na City ale też w drugą stronę. Chociaż to akurat macie praktycznie z każdego mostu w okolicy.

One of my favourite London bridges. Probably because there traffic is not that heavy and it seems to be fairly tranquil. There is a nice view on the City, as from any bridge in the area.



Przyjemnie czasami sobie zadumać, jakie ludzie z przeszłości mieli spojrzenie na przyszłość. Bardzo ciekawą koncepcją jest londyński Barbican, ukończony w latach 70-tych ubiegłego wieku. Przechadzając się między jego budynkami można się poczuć jak w starym filmie science fiction o utopijnym zacięciu, “Brazil” będący moim ulubionym skojarzeniem.

Jest to kompleks bardzo specyficzny, nie wiem czy gdzieś jeszcze realizowano takie projekty na taką skalę – może ktoś coś kojarzy? W każdym razie dobrze, że nie ma ich zbyt wiele, bo stałyby się zwykłą, nudną codziennością…

Sometimes it is nice to have a look at how future was supposed to look according to people from the past. A very interesting concept is the Barbican in London, completed in the 70-ties. While walking between the buildings you might feel like in an old science fiction movie, “Brazil” being my favourite association.

It is a very specific complex, I am not aware of any other projects like that came to realisation in such a scale – any other examples, anyone? Still, it is good they were not many as they would have become just a part of boring, daily routine…





London from above


We have recently visited Sky Garden. It is on a top of a new building nicknamed Walkie Talkie. Some of you might heard about it, as it was voted the ugliest building in UK in the year of its construction. I disagree, but that is beside the point. What is not, is the view from the top. It is quite impressive, especially when looking south (it might be because the open terrace faces this direction). Anyway, I enjoyed a lot and felt angry at myself for not bringing the tripod and long exposure filter. Well, maybe next time. Enjoy 🙂

Zdrowaśki, Dlugas


I went to that spot because I was there before and I knew it could offer a nice shot of Tower Bridge. The scaffolding took me by surprise though. My first thought was “damn it!” but after a second I figured this might be quite unique. The fact that the scaffolding is not there anymore and these pictures cannot be taken again is kind of a pleasant thought.

Zdrowaśki, Długas

IMG_4222_1 dl IMG_4219_1 dl

Forgotten boat

It did not sink much as water is quite shallow. However, I suppose that might have been the reason why the dwellers decided not to dwell it anymore. It is a bit beyond the idea of having a water bed.

Or it could have been the other way around. The inhabitants got simply tired with living on a boat. Poor thing felt useless and “jumped of a bridge”…

Zdrowaśki, Długas

IMG_7473_2dlIMG_7476_3dl IMG_7485_4dl

Smaller rivers

The Thames is the river of London. It has been its backbone for centuries, neighbours many important buildings and historical places, offers amazing city or industrial landscapes.

As nice as it is and as much as I like it, it is not the only one. There is a few smaller rivers and canals which also played their role in developing the city. And, as well,  they also offer a nice walk (or bike ride) with something on the way to catch photographers eye. Below you can find pictures mostly from Lee river.

Zdrowaśki, Długas

IMG_7461_3dlIMG_7446_8dl IMG_7455_3dlIMG_9412_1dlIMG_9415_1dl  IMG_5730_2dl