Night out

– Chodź na spacer.

– Nie, no nie można przecież, epidemia jest. Będzie choroba albo mandat.

– No co ty, dawaj, idziemy.

– Jak już musisz to idź się poszwędać po ogrodzie.

I tak oto wypuściłem aparat na ogród, żeby się nieco rozruszał. Nie było go całą noc i rano wrócił z czymś takim.

– Come for a walk.

– But we can’t, there is an emergency. We will catch either a virus or a ticket.

– Come on, mate, let’s go.

– Since you really have to, go outside to wander around the garden.

This is how I let my camera go for a strall in the garden.It was gone all night and came back with this.

Forth Bridge

Kiedy byłem dzieckiem mama podarowała mi książkę z serii “Co i jak?” pod tytułem “Mosty”. Na stronie 31-szej znajdował się opis mostu przez zatokę Firth of Forth w Szkocji. Urzekł mnie swoją nietypową konstrukcją i rozmachem. Od tego czasu zawsze chciałem go zobaczyć. Fajnie czasem spełniać marzenia 🙂

When I was a kid my mum bought me a book called “Bridges” under “What and how?” series. On the 31st page there was a descritpion of a bridge crossing the Firth of Forth bay in Scotland. It enchanted me with its unconventional structure and scale. Since then I always wanted to see it. Nice to fulfil dreams every now and again 🙂

Southwark Bridge

Jeden z mniej znanych, a moich ulubionych londyńskich mostów. Pewnie dlatego, że nie ma na nim takiego ogromnego ruchu i zdaje się być względnie spokojny. Fajny z niego widoczek na City ale też w drugą stronę. Chociaż to akurat macie praktycznie z każdego mostu w okolicy.

One of my favourite London bridges. Probably because there traffic is not that heavy and it seems to be fairly tranquil. There is a nice view on the City, as from any bridge in the area.



Lubię jeździć nad morze. Zawsze można założyć okularek przeciwsłoneczny na obiektyw i naświetlaniem się pobawić 🙂

Oto kawałek Folkestone, świadectwo dawnej chwały brytyjskich nadmorskich kurortów. Ponoć ta chwała się ostatnimi czasy odradza, ale w przypadku tej miejscowości jeszcze tego nie czuć… Dlatego warto tu zajrzeć 🙂 Byłoby całkiem ładnie gdyby nie ten wielki, chamski, promopodobny hotel zasłaniający połowę widoku zarówno z miasta na morze jak i z morza na miasto.

Może, aczkolwiek raczej bym w to powątpiewał, ta powracająca chwała coś z tym zrobi…

I like to go to the seaside. It always gives me a chance to put the “lens’s sunglasses” onto the camera and play a bit with the long exposure 🙂

This is a bit of Folkestone, a reminder of past glory of British sea towns. Apparently the glory is coming back, but well, does not seem to be reaching this place yet… That is why it is worth a visit 🙂 It would be actually quite nice, if not for this gigantic, obnoxious, ferry-like hotel which covers half the view of the sea but also half the view of the town, if looked at from the sea.

Hopefully, however doubtfully, the returning glory will do something about it.



Bourton-On -The-Water is a nice little village in the Cotswolds. There is peculiar place in this village – a model of if, 9 times smaller. And the funny things is, that in the model, there is another model, in which you can see another one. It is easy to imagine where in theory this is going to ( ∞ ).

Anyway, it was to feel like a giant walking around houses smaller than yourself 🙂




I know it was a bit quiet here last few months but hopefully I will manage to improve it over the summer. Let’s start with my recent experiment. We went to a beautiful natural reserve in Italy. Although I figured that the weather was not perfect, I have decided to take some long exposure pictures. I must confess, a tiny little bit of editing was applied. Seemingly boring gray sky might become much more interesting with slight tone adjustment. Enjoy.

Zdowaśki, Długas

IMG_0254_1 IMG_0272_2 IMG_0281_2 IMG_0283_2 IMG_0291_6 IMG_0307_3


Smaller rivers

The Thames is the river of London. It has been its backbone for centuries, neighbours many important buildings and historical places, offers amazing city or industrial landscapes.

As nice as it is and as much as I like it, it is not the only one. There is a few smaller rivers and canals which also played their role in developing the city. And, as well,  they also offer a nice walk (or bike ride) with something on the way to catch photographers eye. Below you can find pictures mostly from Lee river.

Zdrowaśki, Długas

IMG_7461_3dlIMG_7446_8dl IMG_7455_3dlIMG_9412_1dlIMG_9415_1dl  IMG_5730_2dl


I have always enjoyed playing with long exposure. Unfortunately, in order to work, it requires the camera to see very little light. It means that you could play either at night or in dimmed chambers. Luckily humanity, in all it’s inventiveness, has developed sunglasses for cameras as well 🙂

Zdrowaśki, Długas


IMG_7264 1 dg IMG_7256_1 dlIMG_7389_3 dl IMG_7314_2 dl IMG_7391_1 dlIMG_7268_1 dl IMG_7225_4 dlIMG_7295_1 dl



When we were in Latvia we went to visit friends staying in the east of the country. We had a nice evening when, among other things, they were telling us bits about the local area (while mosquitos were showing us their idea of fun). When they mentioned a closed factory, a red lamp flickered in my mind and I persuaded them to take us there the following day in the morning. The place was rather in a bad shape. No equipment left, many floors, walls and ceilings missing, a substantial pond in the middle of biggest hall etc. Obviously, absolutely no one cared about the facility after closure somewhere in the beginning of the 90-ties.

But there was one up-side to this. At least you do not have to worry about some security guy with exaggerated sense of responsibility nosing around. And there was where to roam, as the area was pretty big. After a while we gathered that the place must had been a brickyard (I guess many broken bricks and a pile of clay helped us coming to that conclusion). The whole facility provides a few hours of sightseeing and a few takes to make the camera happy as well. And, as a cherry on the top of the cake, there was a ladder leading to the highest roof 🙂

In the name of experimentation, I have made them black and white this time. Enjoy.



IMG_9007 1




IMG_9107 1





IMG_9033 1



IMG_9135 12