Viareggio by Night

Nie jest koniecznym udawać się w niesamowite miejsca celem uzyskania ciekawych fotek (aczkolwiek pomocnym). Czasami wystarczy poszwędać się po okolicy, włączyć w mózgu tryb “węszenie” i jakiś interesujący punkt odniesienia prześlizgnie się przez obiektyw.

It is not paramount to go to an amazing place in order to obtain interesting pictures (although it does help). At times it is enough just to wander around the neighbourhood, switch the brain to “search” mode and something curious is bound to slip through the lens.

Thames exposed

Effects of a few longish walks along the Thames.

Long exposure photography. Requires some patience but the effects are quite satisfying. Remembering to have fully loaded battery might be handy as the camera becomes very hungry when giving the sensor a chance to have a proper, long look at the world (I suppose being lazy and using live view does not help as well). I suppose next time I will wait for the tide to be low, entering the river banks might be rewarding in regard to spots 🙂

It is also worth to be sure that no one is closing a gate behind you, if you have entered through an opened one. Regards to security guard who does not bother to check if he locks people in public places 😉

Zdrowaśki, Długas

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