Abandoned idea


I dug out these few pictures from when I was in Latvia. This kind of block of flats was a standard across all Eastern Block countries. They all look similar and they all were famous for being badly built (there is a saying that for every block finished there was a house for the chief engineer – guess where he took the materials from).

Since the changes came in the 90’s I don’t think there was any more of those finished and some of the old ones gained some colour (at least in Poland). I suppose the construction of the building below must have started just before the system collapsed.




When we were in Latvia we went to visit friends staying in the east of the country. We had a nice evening when, among other things, they were telling us bits about the local area (while mosquitos were showing us their idea of fun). When they mentioned a closed factory, a red lamp flickered in my mind and I persuaded them to take us there the following day in the morning. The place was rather in a bad shape. No equipment left, many floors, walls and ceilings missing, a substantial pond in the middle of biggest hall etc. Obviously, absolutely no one cared about the facility after closure somewhere in the beginning of the 90-ties.

But there was one up-side to this. At least you do not have to worry about some security guy with exaggerated sense of responsibility nosing around. And there was where to roam, as the area was pretty big. After a while we gathered that the place must had been a brickyard (I guess many broken bricks and a pile of clay helped us coming to that conclusion). The whole facility provides a few hours of sightseeing and a few takes to make the camera happy as well. And, as a cherry on the top of the cake, there was a ladder leading to the highest roof 🙂

In the name of experimentation, I have made them black and white this time. Enjoy.



IMG_9007 1




IMG_9107 1





IMG_9033 1



IMG_9135 12


Lift off


Watching them all start at more or less the same time from the same spot is quite spectacular, and, more importantly, fun. I even was responsible for letting one of them go (you can’t really let them start as they wish, as would keep bumping into each other). Luckily my went first, so I could concentrate on shooting the rest. Enjoy.

Zdrowaśki, Dlugas

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